We understand that most of corporate clients have pre-established in-house design standards or landlord-based building standards that align with corporate goals, and we ensure that the design solutions embrace these standards while incorporating them in an innovative fashion.
Our design solutions are flexible to accommodate ever-changing requirements from different lines of business within a corporation.


The architecture of cultural spaces resonates emotionally and spiritually. We design systems that complement the architecture of cultural spaces without overshadowing the fundamental purpose of the buildings.


Typical classrooms have high occupancy and require higher amounts of air ventilation to ensure proper indoor air quality. The occupancy of a classroom changes every hour during a typical day; if all the spaces are treated and conditioned at the same rate, it would result in the waste of a significant amount of energy. At KeRi, we understand that the systems for such facilities would have to be simple and uncomplicated to ensure that they can be easily maintained.


Government, local municipalities, and public agencies are community organizations designed and built to serve the community. Buildings that house such organizations must be sustainable and responsibly-maintained to do so. KeRi has experience in the design, construction administration, and due diligence feasibility studies needed for community buildings like


The design of healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities requires a
thorough understanding of the science, technology, and processes of such facilities. As they have stringent regulatory requirements, the facilities must be designed to meet the highest standards.


A building will never become a home unless it provides comfort and safety. Our goal is to design systems that not only will provide that comfort and safety to homeowners, but are cost – effective, sustainable, and efficient. We have designed residential buildings from high-rise apartment complexes to garden-style apartments to custom homes.

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